Art Therapy

Artist Log…September 

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted and since then I’ve encountered the tragic loss of a loved one, a job lay-off and the ongoing day to day survival of a worldwide pandemic. Trying to accept all three new realities at once was and is a bit overwhelming still. During this dark time I tried to immerse myself in my artwork but I was unable to produce anything.

I was perplexed, I had a complete mental block and was paralyzed with fear, I couldn’t paint or draw anything.

I began to investigate what this was and stumbled upon Art therapy. It’s a alternative to traditional talk therapy that combines creativity through a series of exercises in visual art; it can be used to explore emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability.

I started with some simple exercises in drawing and painting and within a few days I began to see a difference. The highs and lows are still there, but I’m able to get a better grasp. 

It’s like Color Meditation; reaching that state of nervana through the color spectrum in a loose and free style with no set direction. 

It’s a new world and we each much find a way to get through this… stay safe, take care of yourselves and remember to continue to be creative.

Shangri La

Wildflower Study

Artist Log…February 2020

The winter months have turned down the colors of the season to grays and browns. The leaves are gone and what remains are the skeletons of the trees. Walking through the woods inspired me to sketch some images…

Solitude – Graphite
Recently Fallen – Graphite


The cold brings winter hibernation to numerous animals and a different sort of suspended consciousness for some humans. Good time to practice new painting techniques, sketches, or check out an art museum for some inspiration…The inspiration for this painting came to me after several days of gloomy weather. Wanted to try some new color combinations.

Platinum Edition – Oil on Canvas


The colors of Autumn have been dimmed. The challenge is to find new stimulus. Good time of year to experiment with new techniques. The grapes were painted in watercolor glazes and pencil and the window was sketched in pen and ink and watercolor.