Artist Log…February 2020

The winter months have turned down the colors of the season to grays and browns. The leaves are gone and what remains are the skeletons of the trees. Walking through the woods inspired me to sketch some images…

Solitude – Graphite
Recently Fallen – Graphite


The cold brings winter hibernation to numerous animals and a different sort of suspended consciousness for some humans. Good time to practice new painting techniques, sketches, or check out an art museum for some inspiration…The inspiration for this painting came to me after several days of gloomy weather. Wanted to try some new color combinations.

Platinum Edition – Oil on Canvas


The colors of Autumn have been dimmed. The challenge is to find new stimulus. Good time of year to experiment with new techniques. The grapes were painted in watercolor glazes and pencil and the window was sketched in pen and ink and watercolor.


Artist Log…

Haven’t posted in a long while… I’ve been immersed in studying paintings, art, gathering inspiration from other artists and developing new concepts.
I was tired of painting absolute realism and needed a new challenge, so I started experimenting with painting loosely in oils, watercolor and drawing. It’s more difficult than you would expect.
Painting realistically can be perfected; it’s just a matter of time until you draw/paint your subject until it resembles the real thing.
However, loose painting requires contrasting techniques and observations simply interpreted
differently .The loss of detail creates a diaphanous effect adding an element of mood that radiates in the painting.

Here are some new pieces that I just finished…

Sleepy Hollow Bridge
Emerald Path